Environment & Quality

eco qulita

The Tannery Carisma SpA identified in the search for fulfillment of the expectations of stakeholders, namely: its customers, its employees, its owners, its suppliers and the community, the best way forward for the consolidation, the affirmation and Company growth while respecting the environment.

This research goes through a rationalization of the internal organization, both in terms of production than functional, with normal development as a quality management with the Company as requirements for quality assurance standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Each individual in Tannery Carisma SpA is the protagonist of all the processes that formed the company, itself a process within the community.

This vision of the company has penetrated the culture of all personnel and all business not only production but also design, purchasing, marketing, creating a working group to carefully mutant lifestyles to external input and ready to translate the ideas of customer solutions.

The processing of hides is an activity which inevitably involves a degree of interaction with the environment. However, this can be assessed and monitored in the continuing process of "awareness" that the environment for years characterized the activity of Tannery Carisma SpA pursuing this end, the Management Company has undertaken to implement an Environmental Management System compliant to UNI EN ISO 14001/2004, to have a valid and functional analysis and management of its environmental aspects. This brings us to the first observance of the requirements and parameters set by existing laws, and to maintain the quality of the product.